Technical Skills Training

BIS can provide on-site customized Technical Skills training and support materials that will enhance the capabilities of your employees and systems. Our experienced instructors can work with your technical and maintenance staff in customizing our training to meet the needs of your system and production requirements. We offer training in a variety of areas, including: Shop Math, Electrical Training, Electronics, Precision Measurement, Blueprint Reading, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Machining, PLC, and more. Increase efficiency and productivity through a skilled and trained workforce.

Blueprint Reading

This course will provide an introduction to the interpretation of simple shop drawings. Topics include:

  • multi-view drawings
  • section views
  • dimensions and tolerances
  • specifications and shop notes,
  • orthographic projection and views
  • alphabet of lines
  • dimensions and tolerances
  • specifications and notes

Electrical l

Introduction to fundamental electrical topics, electrical safety, as well as equipment and component familiarization. Course focuses towards a "hands-on" approach in building series, parallel, and network circuits to underscore theory. Topics include:

  • atomic theory
  • Ohm's Law
  • electromagnetism
  • electro-magnetic induction
  • conductors and insulators
  • abstract electrical circuits (source, path, load)
  • electrical safety
  • electric supply characteristics (DC & single-phase AC)
  • using electrical meters
  • basic electrical circuits (series, parallel, network)
  • common industrial devices and practices

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Mechanical Systems I

This course provides an introduction to mechanical systems for maintenance mechanics.

Mechanical Systems Training at U of I BISTopics include:

  • mechanical transmission principles including pitch
  • pitch diameter
  • pitch circle
  • pitch line
  • rotational speed
  • gears including gear teeth (pressure angle, addendum, dedendum, clearance, tooth thickness, backlash)
  • spur gears (racks, pinions)
  • helical gears (left hand, right hand)
  • worm gears
  • V-belt selection (codes, sizing, dimensions)
  • belt classifications (fractional horsepower, standard multiple, wedge)
  • sheaves (alignment, inspection, hubs)
  • positive drive belts
  • flat belts including belt thickness
  • lacing (alligator clips)
  • drums (alignment, inspection)

Precision Measurement

Participants will develop measurement skills with inspection tools such as rules, calipers, micrometers, indicator gages, attribute gages, height gages, depth gages, and other instruments utilized in the production process. This is a hands-on course with an emphasis upon instrument selection and measurement task planning.

Shop Math

This course will review arithmetic of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, metrics, and percents. In addition, data analysis skills are taught (mean, median, mode) as a basis for statistical process control. Workplace applications of the math skills taught are included in each lesson.


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